American Legion John W. Sheets Post 27 - Farmington, UT


American Legion John W. Sheets Post 27 History

The American Legion Post 27 was organized in Farmington, Utah, in 1919, under the leadership of Foss Richards. The records of the original meeting have been misplaced, but there were about 20 members in the charter group, and Charles H. Anderson is the only one still living in Farmington. The first officers elected were Foss Richards, Chairman (later this title was changed to "Commander"); Charles Anderson, Vice Chairman; Leonard Brimley, Secretary; Thomas Hughes, Treasurer; Leslie S. Palmer, Executive Committeeman, War Risk Insurance Officer and General Trouble Man. Membership dues were set at 25 cents and have gradually been increased to $8.50 in 1976.

The members have striven to promote civic pride and have pledged their support and willingness to help where needed in the town. They were the instigators of the first fire department and offered their services as a volunteer fire-fighting group. They assisted in military funeral services by providing firing squads, bugle numbers and flag ceremonies for these occasions.

In 1928-29 the basement room in the northeast corner of the courthouse was dedicated to the American Legion, and has been used as the Legion Hall from that time forward.

The American Legion Auxiliary was first organized in Farmington in 1923 with the following charter members: Lillie Hepworth (President), Pearl Barber, Marvel H. Mayfield, Elzada Hess, Romaine Robinson, Hazel Miller, Mamie Dumke, Emma Miller, Mary Gardner, Bell Christensen, Lucy Sanders Hess and Rae Van Sickle.

The Farmington Legion and Auxiliary members have carried out regular service projects through the years to aid the town citizens and the needy families of veterans in the State of Utah, as well as those in veterans' and children's hospitals. Regular trips have been made to the Veterans' Hospital in Salt Lake City to serve refreshments and provide musical programs for the entertainment of those disabled veterans who were lucky enough to return from the battle fields alive.

Each year the Legion and Auxiliary members select honor students from Junior classes in high school and arrange for two to attend "Boys State" and two "Girls State," where they study government affairs and compete for the honor of attending the program on the "National" level. Essay con- tests on Americanism and contests on poppy posters are conducted through the schools, and poppies made by disabled veterans are sold each year in May. Donations of money, food and clothing are made to those in need, and gifts of clothing and toys are supplied for the American Fork Children's School.

In early days the Legion made it a regular practice to sponsor children's dancing parties and Christmas parties in Farmington. In 1930 they supplied Christmas stockings for 60 children at the unbelievable cost of $10.45 and no tax!! They purchased 15 pounds of candy for $3.00, 10 pounds of nuts for $2.90, 5 dozen oranges for $1.55, 5 dozen popcorn balls for $2.25 and enough apples for 75 cents.

In 1969 the Legion and Auxiliary had a flagpole base erected in the City cemetery with a plaque that reads, "IN MEMORIUM - SLEEP ON, O BRAVE-HEARTED, O WISE ONES THAT KINDI.ED THE FLAME. TO LIVE IN MANKIND IS FAR MORE THAN TO LIVE IN A NAME. - DEDICATED TO VETERANS OF ALL WARS."

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